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The Call for Code Project, with Daniel Krook

The Untold Stories of Open Source

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The Call for Code Project, with Daniel KrookThe Call for Code Project, with Daniel Krook

Thu, 04 Aug 2022

Technology influences every aspect of our life. It's hard to remember a time when analog was separate from the digital. How do we balance the pace of innovation with its social impact when everything is changing so quickly?

For Daniel Krook, these two threads converged in 1995.

Dan went to Trinity College, a small liberal arts school in Hartford, Connecticut. He wasn't sure what to major in, a common dilemma when making the jump from high school to college. The choice of a liberal arts school offered a broad range of choices and an introduction to different personalities. There was a lot of mixing of people from different backgrounds with different interests.

Dan was a political science major and graduated with a double major in international studies, but he happened to live with a computer science major his first year.

"Back in 95, I was introduced to web development. It was a very wired campus. building websites, deploying stupid little fun hobby websites. And that's really what got me into learning HTML, the early days of JavaScript. I took my first course on that in 97. So blows my mind 25 years ago.

"Just learning, to create something and immediately see it visible was great. And you contrast that with policymaking, where it takes a long time to establish an impact and things can be reversed by the change in administration on all the work you did."

"The Untold Stories of Open Source" is a Linux Foundation Project.