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Mark Miller

The Linux Foundation, Vice President, Community Engagement and Outreach

Mark Miller

I build massive online community projects. Malcom Gladwell would call me "A Connector". Wherever I go, one of the things I am most happy with is the ability to introduce people to each other, making connections where they didn't previously exist. I've done this on every continent in the world as part of an ongoing desire to see connections where other people see differences.

My main expertise is in developing and supporting live online communities built around specific market verticals. These online communities bleed over into the real world, where relationships are strengthened and expanded. I look forward to becoming a part of your network


Mark Miller speaks and writes extensively on DevSecOps and Cybersecurity. In a previous life, he co-founded All Day DevOps, and was the founder of DevSecOps Days. He continues to participate in the DevOps/DevSecOps and cybersecurity communities by building DevSecOps tracks at security conferences such as RSA Conference in San Francisco and Singapore.

Mark has published 9 books. The most recent, "Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future", was published in October 2021 and can be found on Amazon. It is also available as a free digital download. As well, he is host and Executive Producer of the People|Process|Technology Podcast Series (500,000+ listens), the Executive Editor of the LinkedIn DevOps Group (150,000+ members), and (used to) travel internationally to speak at conferences on every continent (yes, including Antarctica).

James McLeod

The Linux Foundation, FINOS, Director of Community

James McLeod

I'm Director of Community at FINOS and OpenUK Top 100 Influencer who absolutely believes the transformation of financial services can only be fulfilled when open source is embraced under the three pillars of Contribution, Consumption and Community.

My focus is growing financial services into a powerhouse of Open Source Software with FINOS by creating an engineering community of contributing banks, fintechs and technology firms.

I'm an active contributor to open source through my founding of React London - Bring Your Own Project which is a rapidly growing London meetup with a membership of nearly 2000 ReactJS and Javascript developers.

Connect if you'd like to follow my journey or contribute to the amazing work of the Fintech Open Source Foundation - FINOS -